CommonSpace is very excited with the number of opportunities in Sonoma County to repurpose an existing Single Family Zoned property – with only 1 dwelling unit currently on it – and transforming the property into 3 units

Current California State housing laws allow a “by-right” gentle upzone of all single family zoned properties in Sonoma County to be converted into 3 units:

Check out the Site Plan for 1809 Cooper Road in Sebastopol:

There are many possible ways to accomplish a 1=3 conversion, and this is just one example that CommonSpace CLT is implementing on CLT-stewarded land: 

Step 1: Remodel Existing Home into 2 units

  • Repurpose existing bedroom into a Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit (JADU)
    • JADU has separate private entrance
    • JADU has its own high efficiency Kitchen
    • JADU has its own bathroom 

Check out the Floor Plan:

Step 2: Build new or remodeled detached Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)

Projects on the drawing board (coming soon):
Healdsburg 10-unit Self-help Affordable Homeownership Project

If you want to help implement a 1=3 Affordable Housing Program on your property, please get in touch!