North Bay Area residents are facing a housing crisis. 

The times are Changing

Renters are unable to afford rent increases and homeowners fear foreclosure through economic uncertainty.

The cost of displacement

In the North Bay Area and beyond, people are forced to commute farther distances to their jobs and schools, adding more carbon to the atmosphere, straining public infrastructure and increasing cost of living.

The pursuit of Dignity

Housing is a basic human right.

Equity for all

Local lands can be de-commodified to provide homeownership for low-income, native and BIPOC residents.

Support community resilience.

Affordable Housing

CommonSpace partners with communities in Sonoma County to increase access to affordable housing.

1809 Cooper Road, Commonspace Community Land Trust (CSCLT) affordable housing program


We remove land from the speculative market in perpetuity, providing attainable access to land, quality housing, sustainable agriculture and woodland, cooperative communities and cottage industries.


We develop practices that steward, preserve, protect and heal the natural environment – its land, air and water.


We provide information, resources, replicable models and expertise to the general public.

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1809 Cooper Road, Commonspace Community Land Trust (CSCLT) affordable housing program
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